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Spiritual culture: to cultivate and carry forward the spirit of learning, innovation, pragmatism and honesty, the core spirit of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, the first exploration of the people, the hard work and the endless pursuit of the first class spirit; the practical, practical and practical spirit; not accepting the task. Speaking of conditions, completing the task without discounting the spirit of hard work; actively and wholeheartedly professionalism. Three strict and one expression. Diligence, integrity and good governance. Pay attention to body teaching, speaking and propaganda, so that the spirit of enterprise becomes the common pursuit and conscious behavior of employees. To be a leader is a benchmarking, a party member is a banner, an organization is a fortress, making the staff a team of the same people and the same boat.

Human centered culture: the combination of man and enterprise is the first resource and the most valuable asset of an enterprise. The wisdom and ability of employees are the source of power for the development of enterprises. To enjoy the human rights, to make the main personnel and to do the responsibility of the master. Caring for people, understanding people, respecting people. Employees shout, enterprises should do something to enhance their centripetal force and affinity. The whole staff will be employed for employment, performance evaluation and whole life training, encouraging staff to carry out career design, improving the quality of employees, stimulating the creativity of employees and promoting the overall development of the staff. We should establish a core mechanism based on competition, income and contribution, and advocate that training is the greatest welfare and work is the greatest happiness concept. We should deepen democratization management, make factory affairs public, and come among the masses from the masses and rely on all staff to run enterprises wholeheartedly. To be responsible, responsible for the next, responsible for the next, responsible and external responsibility, responsible for the enterprise and the highly consistent with the staff, to cultivate the common values of the enterprise, to integrate the personal pursuit of the employees with the goal of the enterprise development, to promote the development of the employees by the enterprise development, and to promote the enterprise progress by the progress of the staff and the progress of the enterprise and realize the enterprise. Win-win with employees.




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