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Small common sense of switch socket

Classification:Company   2018-05-02 22:59:11


Switch sockets are divided into 86 types, 120 type, 118 type, 146 type and 75 type according to the panel type. The 86 type is the most common switch socket, its appearance is square, the outer size 86mm× 86mm, the center distance of the installation hole is 60.3, this switch is often called the type 86 switch, the 86 is the international standard, many developed countries are the 86 type, and the most commonly used switch in most of the land engineering and home installation in our country.

The 118 type switch refers to a horizontal switch. Generally, it is a free combination pattern, in the border inside the card into different functional modules combination, the panel size is generally 70× 118 or similar size, it has an extension of the product. Such as: long three, long four, square four, this form and 120 can be regarded as the same form of products. Mainly in Japan, South Korea and other countries to adopt this form of products. Some forms of products are popular in some regions of China.

The advantage of type 118 switch socket lies in its DIY style. More flexible, you can change colors according to their needs and preferences, easy to assemble and disassemble, and free style.

The size of the 146 type switch panel is generally 86× 146 or similar size, the center distance of the installation hole is 120.6. China and most countries in the world adopt this form, which is actually an extension product of type 86 series. Or it is classified as type 86 switch socket. Type 146 switches were popular in the past few years, and then gradually fade out of the market. At present, a few businesses in the market still have a small amount of stock. The size of the 75 type switch panel is generally 75× 75 or similar size, which was widely adopted before the 80s of last century in China.

In addition to panel classification, such as monopole switch, bipolar switch, tri pole switch, tri pole switch, double circuit switch with common entry line, a double circuit switch with disconnected position, two pole double switch, two way switch (or middle switch). The switch according to the switch is divided into the normal gap structure switch, the break gap of the contact is 3, the switch of the small gap structure: the break gap of the contact is 1.2, and this kind of switch must be identified in the body.

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